Richmond Council’s Lib Dem Budget cuts mental health support by over £200,000

With 1 in 4 of us suffering from poor mental health each year, it is concerning that the new Liberal Democrat Council has responded in its recent budget by cutting mental health support by over £200,000. This comes alongside the maximum increase in council tax for residents as well as increasing charges for council services including swimming charges up by 12%. Day centres providing front line support are also seeing fees rise by 11% with the Woodville Centre for Dementia losing its full time dedicated manager.

Cllr Geoffrey Samuel the Conservative spokesperson for Adult Social Services and Health said “We know that ‘social prescribing’ through activities such as taking part in sports can deliver real benefits for people’s mental health. With mental health issues a growing concern, why are the Liberal Democrat council cutting mental health funding whilst significantly putting up charges for activities such as swimming? The Conservative administration see Mental Health Support as a priority and are pressing for the delivery of the enhanced programme currently in 6 Primary Schools to be extended to all.”