Richmond Borough Conservatives Launch Campaign Against Plastic Pollution

Richmond Borough Conservatives are proud to have launched a campaign to reduce plastic pollution across the Borough. Our initial aim is to reduce the use of single use plastics and we are asking businesses and people in Richmond and Twickenham to:

• Stop the distribution and use of plastic straws and plastic stirrers.
• Switch to reusable or recyclable coffee cups
• Offer free water refills for people with reusable plastic bottles.

Plastic pollution is devastating our natural environment, especially our oceans. Plastics take decades to degrade and when they do break down they become even more hazardous as they are ingested by sea animals. It is imperative that we do all that we can to combat plastic pollution. 

We are hugely dependent on plastic for so many purposes and our aim isn't to eliminate plastic use altogether, it is to gradually minimise the effects of plastic pollution by exploring alternatives to plastic use - especially single use plastics such as straws and plastic cups. We hope to support local businesses in implementing alternatives to single use plastics and plastic packaging. 

To join our campaign, or to keep up to date, please visit