Only Local Conservatives Guarantee Weekly Collections

Part Of Our local Conservatives’ Commitment to Keeping A Clean, Green, Safe Borough

One of the local Conservative Council’s most popular policies has been the protection of weekly rubbish and recycling collections for residents. This has been possible through good management of the Council and finding innovative ways to save costs in difficult times. The local Conservatives are now promising to do it again over the next four years.

Cllr Paul Hodgins, Leader of the Council, said, “The current rubbish and recycling collections contract ends during the middle of the next term, in 2020. So a decision about whether to stay with weekly collections or move to fortnightly needs to be made.

Our local Conservatives believe in taking care of our local environment, the greenest in London, and in keeping our villages clean.

We are therefore guaranteeing to protect weekly rubbish and recycling collections for the next four years, just like we have for the last two terms. Losing weekly collections would mean more fly tipping, and more car journeys to the tip. We will also further promote and increase access to recycling to raise recycling rates.

Only the local Conservatives make this guarantee. Labour, who are making a big push in Richmond Borough and could very well hold the balance of power in a close election, do not mention it in their manifesto. The Lib Dems have said they will ask residents whether to keep it based on the cost of weekly collections. That sounds ominous. We all remember the surprise of their unpopular CPZ tax, and the way they framed that question.

Only we are guaranteeing weekly collections for the full four years. The Council does much more than collections, and I encourage people to have a look at our manifesto to see our entire plan. But we believe weekly collections is a basic service that residents should be able to expect from their Council for the tax they pay, and it is a sign of a well run Council.”

To see the local Conservative’s full manifesto for the next term, visit


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