Massive Investment to Bring All Pavements and Roads Up To A High Standard

Part Of Our local Conservatives’ Commitment To Investing In Healthy Streets

In one of its headline manifesto promises, our local Conservatives have pledged to significantly raise investment in the borough’s roads and pavements to bring them all up to a high standard over five years.

The local Conservative Council tripled investment in pavement and road repairs when it took control two terms ago. However, the recent weather has highlighted that many roads and pavements still need work to overcome historic underinvestment.

Cllr Paul Hodgins, Leader of Richmond Council, says, “Despite already increasing investment in pavements and roads, it is the one area that residents consistently tell us needs even more investment. Cyclists and car users are both impacted when roads deteriorate. Walkers, particularly the elderly, find it difficult when pavements get cracked and uneven.

“We have listened to residents. So we are promising a major increase in investment to bring ALL pavements and roads up to a high standard over the next five years.

“Through good management of Council finances in challenging times, our local Conservative Council has been able to make significant capital investment in our schools and village centres over the last few years. We can next do that with pavements and roads.

“Only the local Conservatives are making this promise, and only the local Conservatives can deliver it.”