Local Conservatives Will Enhance our Libraries and Community Hubs for the 21st Century


Part Of Our Local Conservatives’ Commitment To Supporting Our Communities And Enhancing Our Villages

Our borough has one of the best library services in London with 13 lending libraries and a superb reference library, all offering a range of traditional and digital facilities.

With a Richmond Card, you can save money with our new FREE online e-reading service that brings our libraries’ reading material direct to your home via a computer, tablet or smartphone. No more expensive downloads and a huge benefit to residents who cannot access a library in person or prefer to work from home.

Our borough has many community centres and more are planned, offering services and information for all ages. Whether you are a mum with a toddler, new to the area, or a senior citizen, a community hub can provide a lifeline or just a place to meet like-minded friends.

Cllr David Linnette, Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport, and the Voluntary Sector said, “The local Conservatives have always thought our libraries provide an important community service, which is why we have invested further in them. We will make sure the service is built for needs of today’s residents, and work to build even stronger community hubs.

“We will ensure that library buildings are accessible, well-maintained, welcoming and a focal point for local communities. As well as books, information and internet facilities, our libraries will provide space for hire and access to Council and other public benefit services.”