Local Conservatives Will Encourage Even Greater Participation In Sport

Part Of Our Local Conservatives’ Commitment To Supporting Our Communities And Enhancing Our Villages

Our borough residents are recognised as the fittest in the UK and that is no accident. Your local Conservative Council has encouraged all ages to make the most of the extensive opportunities to stay healthy. The Council offers a wealth of information on staying healthy via organisations like Healthwatch, our community centres, and through our libraries and voluntary services.

Over the next four years, your local Conservatives promise to do even more.

Cllr, David Linnette, Cabinet Member for Culture, Sport, and the Voluntary Sector said, “We support residents in a number of ways - through our many parks and open spaces, through our schools and colleges, and our borough sports and leisure complexes offer a range of services at very competitive rates with a Richmond Card.

“We encourage residents to use public transport instead of their cars and actively support a range of cycling and walking initiatives.

“Over the next four years we will continue these efforts and work to increase awareness and take up still further. We will work with local amateur and professional clubs to strengthen links with our schools, and increase awareness of sporting opportunities in the borough.”