LibDems Make A Mess Of The 20 MPH Consultation

At a Council meeting on Tuesday, the Liberal Democrat administration of Richmond Council proved it is making a mess of the consultation on 20 mph.

In response to Conservative questioning, the Liberal Democrats admitted that some residents have not received the 20 mph information leaflet, but declined to take any corrective action.

They also said that they would wait until the consultation closes before revealing the decision criteria.

Cllr Seamus Joyce, Conservative Spokesman for Transport, said, "Cabinet Member Cllr Alexander Ehmann was not even at the meeting, and left it to his deputy to answer for him.

"I have been telling the administration for weeks that too many people have not received the information leaflet, but they refuse to take action. 

"I also find it entirely disingenuous that they will not reveal the decision criteria to residents. Moreover, the consultation is completely open to duplicate entries and has poor checks on resident authentication. That is a clear sign of an administration that has already made up its mind, despite telling residents that it is up to them.

"They also have provided no answers to the recent report from the DfT on 20 mph, with the question of how they will enforce the speed limit unanswered. They must give a detailed response.

"It is hugely disappointing. Support for 20 mph was in the Conservative manifesto. The LibDems are making a complete mess of the consultation.

"I fear that LibDem incompetence and a disregard for any resident that disagrees with them will yet again cause residents not to respect the outcome of the consultation. It's not fair on residents."