Getting The Housing Mix Right

Part Of Our local Conservatives’ Commitment to Standing Up For Our Borough

The Best Borough is for everyone.  From students to grandparents, families to key workers, we want to accommodate them all.  As we develop the borough we must continue to keep it inclusive as well as special.  Plans for the future must take into account the types of homes needed, not just the numbers.

So we will promote the housing needs of an ageing population, as well as take into account the need for more family homes with more than two bedrooms. And we will fight for new infrastructure to improve the experience of existing as well as provide for new residents. 

We are well underway. From our Housing and Homelessness Strategy to the Council’s Home Ownership Scheme helping applicants unable to raise the large deposits now required by mortgage lenders, from Homeshare to the Sponsored Moves Programme to new children’s homes, no stone is unturned.

Cabinet Member for Planning and Strategic Development, Martin Seymour, says, “All of us living in the borough are privileged to be here and can understand why demand remains high. Whether buying or renting, for the family or individual, the ideal is that there should be a home for all who want or need it in Richmond upon Thames.

“It is critical that development is linked to identified need in the borough and we keep it under constant review.  It is also clear that we must drive out “rogue landlords” as quality matters at least as much as quantity.

“We will continue to promote the right long-term mix of housing for the next generation as well as for our current residents.”