Demise of Our Pavements is Afoot as the Lib Dems Refuse to Increase Funding for Repairs

Yet again the Liberal Democrats are prepared to preside over the deterioration of the pavements in our borough. 

The Lib Dem Cabinet Member for Transport and Streetscene has refused to commit to increasing spending on pavements over the next 4 years, despite being challenged by Kate Howard, Conservative Councillor for Hampton North, during Members' Questions at Tuesday's Council Meeting.

In contrast to the Conservative manifesto which had committed to re-doing every road and pavement in the borough over the next 5 years, the current Lib Dem administration sadly don't seem to care about the condition of our pavements.

Councillor Howard said 'As Conservatives we care about the state of repair of our borough, especially for those vulnerable residents who are greatly affected by poor pavements. I will continue to support local residents who have any concerns and would welcome them to get in contact with me'.