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Richmond Conservatives propose a reduction in the number of councillors as part of the current Boundary Review to save residents money and reflect keeping in step with modern working

The Local Government Boundary Commission is undertaking a review of boroughs across London.  The first stage before considering the area of the wards themselves is to decide on the number of councillors in total which will represent the borough.  The  LibDem administration proposes the number rem

Celebrating Richmond Students’ GCSE Achievements

The Conservative Administration fully support the Council’s congratulations to local schools for the success of Richmond Borough students in this year’s provisional GCSE results.  Schooling has always been an important aspect for the council to deliver on, local parents and their children have hi

Engines Continue to Idle While Air Quality Action Plan is Delayed

Every day we read reports about poor air quality affecting people's health and worrying accounts of the impact it has on our children's lung development. We can all make a difference by altering lifestyles whether it's the journeys we make or heating our homes.